Expats in Georgia – Is Georgia Safe to Live?

Situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Georgia is an eastern European country bounded by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north, Turkey to the southwest, Armenia to the south, and Azerbaijan to the southeast. 

With a population of less than four million, Georgia is a small country famous for all the right things – exquisite wine, rich history, and stunning ancient churches.

That’s not all. The country is one of the best jurisdictions in eastern Europe to start a business, open an international bank account, or live as a digital nomad.

Despite all that, Georgia is still comparatively unknown on the global scale – hence the question, “Is Georgia safe?”.

The short answer is, Yes. But, to really drive the point across, let’s see what the credible safety and crime indices say about Georgia.

Do People Feel Safe In Georgia?

In the latest Safety Perception Index (SPI), Georgia ranks 24th in the world regarding safety perception, i.e., how safe people feel in a country. The SPI assessed 141 countries, measuring the levels of concern, probability, and risk experience across five domains: health, personal, violence, environment, and the workplace. 

As evident from its ranking, Georgia performed well in all five domains leaving no doubt that Georgians perceive themselves and their country to be quite safe.

For comparison, the US ranks 60th, and the UK ranks 32nd in the same index. Moreover, the crime rates in Georgia are far lower than in the US and most Western nations, and the majority of those committed are petty crimes.

Is Georgia A Stable Country

Is Georgia A Stable Country?

Georgia is not an EU member state, but accession to the EU has long been integral to the country’s foreign affairs. To do so, Georgia had to undergo reforms on various fronts, including but not limited to gender equality, human rights, the judiciary, and strengthening its democratic institutions.

In addition, Georgia has consistently improved its living standards and political and security landscape following the Rose Revolution. The same can be said about the law enforcement agencies in the country, which went through a period of restructuring after 2003.

How Is The Healthcare System In Georgia?

In 2013, the Georgian government introduced a basic universal health coverage (UHC) program to resolve the healthcare woes of Georgians. Currently, the healthcare situation in Georgia is excellent, with state-of-the-art hospitals and skilled doctors. The vaccination rates are high, and currently, you don’t need to submit vaccination records to enter Georgia.

Should You Live In Georgia?

Georgia, by all standards, is an excellent place to live and do business. With low crime rates, a high safety perception across several domains, and a stable political environment, Georgia strives to impress everyone looking to make it their second home. Need help with how to plan your life in Georgia? Or perhaps you want to enter the Georgian market for its excellent tax incentives? Whatever your questions, reach out to NOMOS, and we’d be happy to help.

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Lika Tsintsabadze

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