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Interview with Lika Tsintsabadze

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Please see the Interview with Lika Tsintsabadze – Founding Partner at Nomos Law Firm.

First of all, please tell us about your success story, what stages you went through, what difficulties you faced and what stage you are at now?

I started practicing law quite early, I was interested in everything related to the legal and business sphere. The main challenge was matching the time and my character, having ambitions/goals and trying to make it all a reality in a fairly short period of time. In order to achieve the set goals, I directed my energy completely to self-development. I realized that knowledge in this field was just as important as skills, so I tried to become an expert in my field, have the answer to any question and stand out as a professional. The most important quality that I gained from the experience was the ability to solve problems quickly, because time and quality are very important in our field.

Starting my own law firm has been a major goal for me since I graduated from university. After six years of legal practice, the foundation of Nomos was laid. I fully invested my love and energy for jurisprudence in Nomos, as a result of a lot of hard work, a successful legal company was formed, which not only offers the best legal services to its customers, but also helps the promotion of Georgia and attracting investments.

What was the biggest challenge on your career path, an obstacle that seemed insurmountable at first, but you were able to overcome?

In general, the biggest challenge is a perfect service, which with us includes not only qualified legal advice, but also finding real ways to solve the problem and tangible results. Our orientation is to ease the activities of the users in the complex legal space. One of the challenges I personally faced when founding Nomos was that I was a lawyer with relevant experience in the legal field, although running a law firm is also a business field. In practice, I got pretty good entrepreneurial skills and learned how to properly manage a business, which was quite interesting and challenging.

What is your main motivation to keep moving forward?

The main motivation for me is the feeling of success that brings the successful completion of clients’ cases and their satisfaction. The existence of the company is based on this kind of service, and our motivation is increasing day by day thanks to the merit of our clients.

As we know you are Founding Partner at Nomos Law Firm. Tell us more about your company and your current activities there.

NOMOS GEORGIA is a legal company based in Tbilisi. Our main goal is to offer our customers an efficient and qualified legal service. Our team provides quality legal services to clients, qualified legal consultations and tangible results. NOMOS company is focused on managing any type of legal barrier successfully, innovatively, within the framework of correct professional judgment and qualified legal assessment.

Legal company Nomos provides a full range of legal services to Georgian and foreign individuals and legal entities. Nomos offers local customers services in civil and administrative law, namely contract law, corporate, business transactions, family and inheritance law, tax, investment, labor and employment, legal documentation, negotiations, litigation and arbitration disputes.

NOMOS offers foreign clients a full package of investment and business start-up as well as relocation in Georgia, namely company registration, opening of personal and business bank accounts, granting of tax preferential statuses, tax residency, immigration: grant of residence and citizenship, trademark registration and intellectual property, tax and legal advice, investment market research, relocation, real estate – buying, selling, renting, notary services.

We focus on and serve local and international clients from Georgia, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Europe and Central Asia on legal matters in Georgia.

Dozens of foreign investors have invested in Georgia and contributed to Georgia’s economic development with the support of NOMOS. Also, several foreign companies opened branches in Georgia and continue to operate in our country.

Tell us a few words about your future plans, is there any initiative or project that you are planning to launch?

The company is 1 year old, but already very successful, as it made a name for itself outside of Georgia, introduced Georgia to interested parties through its own platforms (YouTube videos and social media), thus clearly increasing the demand for doing business and investing money in Georgia. Our future plan is to expand in the Caucasus region. We want to go beyond Tbilisi and cover other countries of the Caucasus region as well. Our goal is to attract more investment in Georgia and support the business and economy sector.

Finally, limiting ourselves to the traditional question, what would you advise aspiring professionals and young people who are now taking their first career steps?

I think everyone has an individual life path to follow, especially when it comes to career. Knowledge and access to information are very important in the legal field. The skills that a good lawyer should have come from practical knowledge. I would advise everyone to concentrate on gaining experience and practical knowledge.

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Lika Tsintsabadze

Founder of NOMOS Law Firm/Business Lawyer/Attorney at law lika@nomosgeorgia.com