What Time is it in Tbilisi, Georgia?

The capital and the largest city of Georgia, Tbilisi is the perfect blend of contemporary and old-world charm. The town lies at the intersection of Asia and Europe, offering the best of both worlds.

What Is The Time Zone In Tbilisi, Georgia?

The time zone in Tbilisi, Georgia, is GET – Georgia Standard Time. The current offset is UTC + 4 hours. The UTC + 4 means that the Tbilisi, Georgia time is 4 hours ahead of the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

Georgia currently observes two time zones all year.

OffsetTime Zone AbbreviationTime Zone Name
UTC + 3MSKMoscow Standard Time
UTC + 4GETGeorgia Standard Time

Does Georgia Have Daylight Savings?

Currently, Georgia does not observe daylight saving time (DST).

The last DST change was on October 31st, 2004.

When Is Christmas In Tbilisi, Georgia?

Christmas in Georgia is celebrated on January 7th each year (as opposed to December 25th.) 

This is because, as far as religious celebrations are concerned, Georgia follows the Julian Calendar.

There is nearly a two-week difference between the Gregorian calendar (followed by most of Western Europe) and the Julian Calendar, thus the difference in their Christmas dates. 

Despite the difference, the Christmas season in Tbilisi starts in early December, and you can find the beautiful streets of Tbilisi adorned with pretty lights, Christmas trees, and other Christmas decor.

Time Difference Between Tbilisi, Georgia, And Other Cities In The World

Tbilisi, Georgia, follows GET (UTC + 4) timezone. However, calculating that can sometimes get confusing. To make things easier, you can look at the following table to find the time difference between Tbilisi and other important cities worldwide.

For the purpose of the following table, we’ll use a 24-hour time standard and set a base time of 09:00 GET (Georgia Standard Time).

For example, if it was 09:00 in Tbilisi, Georgia, right now, what time would it be in other parts of the world?

CityTime DifferenceTime
Los Angeles-12 hours21:00
New York-9 hours00:00
London-4 hours05:00
Berlin-3 hours06:00
Dubaisame time09:00
Singapore+4 hours13:00
Hong Kong+4 hours13:00
Tokyo+5 hours14:00
Sydney+7 hours16:00

As you can see, Georgia’s timezone is pretty close to the majority of the above locations making it easier to do business there.   

Georgia’s central location is just one of the many reasons why the country has become such a popular destination for entrepreneurs.

In addition to its business-friendly government and low taxes, you also gain access to a highly-skilled, English-speaking workforce you can coordinate with in real-time. This has led many startups to consider Georgia for their staffing needs.  

Eager to Learn More about Georgia?

Has Tbilis caught your eye? If yes, you’d be pleased to know that Georgia has several other cities that can interest you, like Batumi (also known as the Las Vegas of the Black Sea). If Tbilisi is the heart of Georgia with its booming real estate market and investment opportunities, Batumi is an important Georgian seaport housing several industries.

In essence, Georgia is full of exciting corporate opportunities, lucrative tax incentives, and everything an entrepreneur, investor, or digital nomad would want in a country.If you have any questions or want to know more about opportunities in Georgia, reach out to NOMOS.

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Lika Tsintsabadze

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